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Jane Betti Gallery


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Acrylic on canvas Maharadja
Acrylic on canvas Maharadja

Introduction to Jane’s gallery

Jane Betti is a Scottish artist   . Living  and working in the East of France . She has exhibited her work throughout the world and now prefers to use her website to promote her work.

Light and colour have an utmost importance  to her. She describes her work  as being a reflection of life . Light and colour are all around her . She picks her themes by interest . Art is a joy . A passion expressed each day.  A way to bring out the best in each of us.


 Please check out the gallery by clicking on the the the numbered galleries on your left .Thank you .

All the paintings are for sale unless otherwise stated . Portraits  upon commission. Paintings can be bought or rented . 

If you would like to write  a commentary about this gallery,  to do so just go to the contact button to the left of the page and follow the instructions. Thank you  .

All copyrights are retained by the artist Jane Betti.  No Artwork can be reproduced without her consent 
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Hello and welcome to Jane’s Artbook  . All paintings are created with arcylic paints on canvas . All paintings are originals .